LAColl 2017/18 was held in Madrid (Spain)

On December 1-3 Lviv Archeparchy Colloquium (LAColl 2017/18), a conference for students of Lviv Archeparchy, who study abroad, was held first in Spain with the blessing of Нis Eminence Ihor, Archbishop and Metropolitan of Lviv, and with the support of the Renovabis Foundation. The Colloquium was organized by Rev. Fr. Ihor Tril, information officer of Lviv Archeparchy of UGCC, responsible for studying abroad. The students of the following European catholic higher education establishments took part in LAColl: Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (Germany), Pontifical Theology Faculty in Paderborn (Germany), Institut Catholique de Paris (France), Pontifical Gregorian University (Italy), Salesian Pontifical University (Italy), Pontifical Theological Faculty Teresianum (Italy), Alphonsian Academy (Italy).

On December 1, at the beginning of the Colloquium, the participants visited the city of Toledo, in particular, Primate Cathedral of Saint Mary, a show-place in the Gothic architecture in Spain. In the evening, there was an introduction to all the participants who came to take part in the Colloquium in Madrid.

On the next day – December 2 there was a main part of the Colloquium. There was a skype-conference for the first time and the students of Lviv Archeparchy in Rome took part in it. The dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Theology of Ukrainian Catholic University (Ukraine) Dr. Roman Zaviiskyi also participated in a skype-conference. During the conference, Dr. Zaviiskyi analyzed the academic situation, presented the main activity area of the University and the prospects of scientific work and described the progress in EU Erasmus + program development (student, lectures, and scientists exchange program).

One of the main tasks of the colloquium was to outline the prospects of work in Ukraine after getting education abroad. This topic was revealed in the interview of His Eminence Bishop Venedykt, Eparch of Chicago, who was holding the position of Protosynkel of the Lviv Archeparchy for more than ten years. They also considered the document of the Congregation for the Affairs of Catholic Education "Education to fraternal humanism" and shared useful pieces of advice from Phillip Mayer's book "300 Tipps für wissenschaftliche Schreiben". At the end of the meeting, the message of Bishop Ihor was read, it was addressed to the graduates of the Ukrainian Catholic University, he sent his blessing, wise and always relevant vital directions.

On December 3, the last day of the Colloquium, after the Sunday liturgy, the participants had an opportunity to continue discovering Madrid. The meeting ended in Topolino restaurant with a lunch and discussion of the results of LAColl 2017/18.