Videoconference with the graduates of the theological seminary


On Tuesday, May 30, 2017 with the blessing of Нis Excellence Ihor, Archbishop and Metropolitan of Lviv, for the first time there was a meeting of the present graduates of Lviv Theological Seminary of the Holy Spirit, belonging to Lviv Archeparchy, with the representatives of Lviv Archeparchy Curia.

Rev. Fr. Serhii Kovalchuk, Syncellus responsible for clergy and priestly families of Lviv Archeparchy, Rev. Dr. Serhii Stesenko, chancellor of Lviv Archeparchy, Rev. Dr. Mykhailo Lesiv, vice-rector of Lviv Theological Seminary, and 12 seminarians, present graduates, participated in the meeting that took place in the seminary.

In the first part of the meeting there was a videoconference of three graduates – candidates for studies abroad with information officer of Lviv Archeparchy of UGCC, responsible for studying abroad. The participants of the videoconference discussed the most important issues concerning studying outside of Ukraine – the possibility of college residence, communication issues with Metropolian etc. The students had a chance to communicate with the information officer and to ask him relevant questions.

The second part of the meeting was devoted to considering the possibilities of involving the graduates to various services in Lviv Archeparchy after the completion of studies in seminary – from graduation to ordination that can last even more than a year. 

Seminarians considered the possibilities of serving in different structural parts of the Archeparchy and in parishes. In particular, the Chancellor described the actual relationship with the Metropolitan and Curia of the Lviv Archeparchy, and Syncellus responsible for the clergy defined schematically the main further steps for the activity organization.